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i has spent my whole lifes a cookin. i got a early start at it cuz i is the second oldest of nine - thats a big family to cook for. and growin up on a workin farm makes for everbuddy to has a mighty healthy appetite. after i married my man, everett, cookin was a bit easier on me since it was just the two of us and thats when my creativitee really started to kick into high gear. so much so that everett encouraged me to open myself up a diner. that was the funnest time ever to be had by any mortal soul. i kept at that diner thang even when the yung-uns begun to show up. now they is all growed n dear everett is long gone so i has learned in my old age how to cook on a smaller scale as a single wid-der woman. exceptin on wednesday nites - we all has a grate big church social pot luck supper afore bible study down there at the calvary community chapple n thats my chance to still cooks up a storm - it is jest sooo much fun.
my grate grandsun has been a buggin me for some time now to write down all these here recipes that i keeps in my head so that the family can remember me after i leave this earth. he has turned me onto this here blogg thang n now that i has got the hang of it all, i thinks it is a real awesome way to record down thangs.

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Monday, December 16, 1991

12. raisin us a family PART 3 - 12/16/1955

(excerpt from "my dearest everett" by bettie mae turley) 

along a bout this time everett n me celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. n when fathers day rolled a round a week later in that june, we decided to jest spend that sunday together jist the four of us. in the evening, during our porch sittin time watchin the sun settin, with eliza mae playing with lil jameson there in the yard, everett n me couldnt imagine life being any better . . .

"everett, i needs to be going on over to the university college for to take me a math class or somethang like that."

"why bettie mae? ya gonna start in to doing the bookeepin for your diner busyness?" 

"no, it aint all that kinda math. its jest that my calculatin has been off some lately these past two years. seems like i done got all my numbers mixed up some . . . n its a gonna change all our lifes some more . . . this past mothers day you gived me more than one extra special present . . . n come a round next valentines day we is gonna have us a third baby."

". . . what . . ."

"thats rite mister husband. you is gonna be a daddy again." 

n everett ranned over to me n hugged me sooo tight that he squeezed the breathe rite out of me n he took to bawlin n a squalin jest as ifn this was the very first time that i ever gived him such kinda news. n i jest held him tight n cryed some tears of joy rite along with him . . . 

"but everett, i is a tellin ya rite now. three yung-uns in three years n i is a thinkin that is my limit. now you know that i know that all these here babys are a precious gift direct from the lawd god n that we can handle all these babys with all the joy n enjoyment likes we all ways does. but i am a thinkin that this here third one is my limit. ifn i was to have a fourth baby rite off again, why . . . i think that my innards would jest fall rite out on the ground." 

n everett took to laughin n a laughin n we joked a bout all that n all but then the reality of havin three babys to raise struck us square betwixt the eyes . . . n we jest starred into each others eyes . . . n then a started a jumpin up n down n a hootin n a hollerin n rejoicin that our family couldnt be any more complete. 

thank goodness this third time a round i didnt git so blasted big like i did with jameson. everett had started in to tradin off them two kids every other day - when i woulda take eliza mae with me, he would keep jameson n vice a versa. n sometimes when he was busy workin on some project that required more of his attention than a lil one would allow, then either his momma or alvernie lou would keep one of them lil ones (back in them days, we all didnt have no such places like day cares n such likes y'all does now a days). sooo . . . thangs worked out with our busy schedules n we got comfortable with the notion that another third baby would fit rite in too. 

long a bout thanksgiving time, i was near two or three months from the expectin time with this third baby. the hole time up til then everthang had progressed a long jest fine n dandy. but then i took to jest not feelin quite rite. everett drived me on over to see ole doc sampson who suggested that i take some time off from a workin so much n git some extra bed rest. now i did all ways believe in followin doc's orders but i jest aint never been much of one for jist a layin a round doing nothang. i stayed at home with everett n the two babys for a bout 10 days n got to feelin real good, jist a bout as good as new. so little by little, i started in to gettin thangs done a round the house, real carefull like. n some days i wood take one of the babys on a lil drive on over to the diner jest to say hey to all them gals n customers. 

a round the middle of december, i was out at the diner one morning doing some office work n visitin with "flo jo" n "peachie" when all the sudden i had this sharp pain all most likes a labor contraction. i excused myself to the ladys room n jest a bout panicked myselfs when of all thangs my water broke. not a good thang at all. i immediately kicked into general patton mode. i couldnt git a hold of everett on the phone so i called ole doc sampson n he telled me to high tail it on over to his office but not to drives myselfs so i asked "peachie" to drive me (cuz "peachie" is the real level headed one of the bunch). i called alvernie lou n asked ifn kouter could run on over to the farm n tells everett what all was a going on n she asked me bout where is my babys n i telled her that i had eliza mae with me n everett had jameson with him n she sayed that she would meet us all at ole doc sampsons office n that she would keep my babys whilest i was in the hospital (ooohhhhh that alvernie lou. such a special friend!!!). i asked "flo jo" to please hold down the fort there at the diner n off we flyed back into town . . . 

when "peachie" drived the car on up to doc's office, there was a standin everett talkin to ole doc sampson n alvernie lou was all ready there a holdin jameson. she camed a runnin up to the car a fore any buddy else had a chance n telled me not to worry none a bout my babys n jist to take care of myselfs n my new baby n that kouter would look after the farm for everett.
doc had all ready called the ambulance from bigg city for to come pick me up n take me on over to the hospital.
everett telled me that alvernie lou had stopped by the farm for to tell him all the news (he had been a workin out in the shop so he never heared the phone a ringin).
i has all ways counted my lucky stars to has such a blessed friend as my alvernie lou. 

doc gentled me into his office n bout the time he finished up checkin everthang out, the ambulance showed up. i declare!!! i never in all my life experienced such a ride as that ambulance driver gived me that day!!! with the sireens a whailin n the medical technician hookin me all up with a bunch of electrical wires n such . . . the hospital staff was all ready a waitin on us when we arrived n helped me onto a stretcher n whisked me away into a private exam room where all these doctors n nurses were a hookin up all these monitors n such n everbuddy was explainin all these thangs to me all at the same time n it was all jest a hustle n a bustle n i surely didnt know what all to think a bout it. finally everett camed thru the door (he had drived up in our car) n he rushed on over to me n held my face in his big strong hands n telled me that everthang would be all right n then finally i could let down my guard n big ole tears jest started streamin down my face n everett jest kept repeatin that everthang would be all right . . . 

once all them doctors n nurses got done with all their examinations, this one yung doc was explainin to us that the babys heart was beatin strong, fast but strong, n he handed his stethoscope to me for to listen to the babys heart beat. then everett took a turn. this yung doc telled us that they usually try to hold off any early births with medications n such to halt any kinda labor contractions but that it appears that this here baby was determined to make a entrance into this world now n that they has delivered babys this early afore n that they would do everthang in their medical ability for a safe n successfull delivery for both me n the baby n he really helped to put our minds at ease. 

they wheeled me into some kinda special delivery room n when everett walked thru the doorway he was all suited up in a doctors uniform n a mask n all n the yung doc sayed that he thought it would be better for me to have everetts support there in the room. that mitey impressed me considerin that we hadnt never met this yung doc afore n he all ready recognized everetts calmin affect on my well being. so i telled that yung doc how much i appreciated his thoughfullness n all his encouragement n everett taked a hold of my hand n i realized that, come what may, everthang really would be all right. 

n the hole time that all this was a takin place, i was havin steady labor contractions n the nurses kept checkin on all the progression of this here birthin that was a bout to take place n then camed a time when i was told that they was gonna give me some kinda medication that would put me to sleep for to make it easier on me (ha, i thoughts to myselfs, more like for to make it easier on all them) n i telled them all that there was no way that i was gonna miss the birthin of this here baby. i made it thru the other two without any such doings, especially with that big baby jameson, n i would make it thru jest fine with such a lil baby that i was a bout to bring into this here world. i was gonna be conscious for to welcome this lil soul into this here world. so they reluctantly accepted my decision. 

that yung doc, his name was doctor steven kiley, examined me again n sayed that everthang was progressin rite along n asked ifn there was anythang that i needed to git more comfortable n i telled him that between his doctorin n everetts support that the only thang that i needed was a healthy lil baby.
so doc kiley took to explainin some of the procedures that would be necessary once the baby was borned n that he would keep me n everett informed ever step of the way.
n i telled him that when this was all done n over with that i wanted his mommas name n phone number so that i could call her up on the phone n thank her for raisin such a fine yung man who took such good care of me n my baby.
n yung doc kiley n my man everett took to chucklin bout such a sayin n yung doc sayed that i could definitely hold him to such a deal. 

by this time, the labor contractions were a comin along fast n furious n afore i hardly knew what was a happenin, i heared this lil tiny squeak of a baby cry n i only had time to say "i loves ya baby" n catch a quick glimpse of that lil one afore all them doctors n nurses whisked him away to check all his vital signs n determine his developmental stage n git him hooked up to all them monitors n such. thru this hole time, everett had been standin to the head of the bed a holdin my hand. he turned to look me eye to eye n we was both all teary eyed. n he squeezed my hand real tight n sayed: ya done real good my lil darlin bettie mae.

so on december 16th,

about 7 weeks earlier than

any of us ever expected,

our lil baby boy

who jist couldnt wait any longer

to join us here in this world,

was borned at jest 4pounds n 


n merely 15inches long.

everett n me hadnt even picked out any names yet so we spent some time talkin bout that such a lil tiny boy needed a big manly name. we decided on marchal joseph. that was the name of one of my grate uncles who i had heard stories a bout all my life n he was one big burly mountain man who made a livin as a french canadian frontier fur trapper.

after what seemed like an eternity, but was actually only a bout half an hour, yung doc kiley camed into the room to give everett n me a status report on our new lil boy. they all was real surprised that our lil baby boy was a breathin on his own rite from the start. they did have to place him in a incubator for warmth and observation. yung doc kiley explained to us that babys who is borned so early usually has to learn hows to eat. that lil boy of ours sure nuff needed to put on some weight so the nurses would have to be feedin him with a tube, which was okay cuz my milk hadnt yet come in since all this happened so early n unexpected like. 

i telled doc kiley that we really needed to see our baby, even if jest to talk softly to him for to start the bondin process. so doc n everett helped me outta bed n to suit up in some kinda sterile outfit n mask n when we entered that special nursery room it was all dark n still exceptin for the beep beep beepin of some kinda monitor. when we peered into that incubatin machine, there lil marchal was all swaddled up with wires n tubes runnin ever which a way a round him n he jest looked like the most littlest being ya could ever imagine. we never did say any word for to wake him from his much needed rest but he soon opened his tiny lil eyes n starred rite at everett n me whilest we hovered over him. so everett jest ever sooo softly sayed to the baby: hey there our lil man. guess ya jest couldnt wait to git your lifes started as fast as possible. well, you is here now n you jist know that your momma n daddy is rite here with ya now n that we loves ya lil boy.
n i sayed: we loves ya sooo much lil son . . . marchal joseph turley . . . thats your big name . . .
n he jest starred up at us for a lil bit longer n then slowly closed his eyes to sleep . . . 

when i got back to my hospital room, i called alvernie lou to check on eliza mae n jameson n for to let her know all the goings on. she telled me that she had called all our mommas n daddys to let them know that i was in the hospital havin this baby. i thanked her for all ways being sooo thoughtful cuz in all the commotion, neither me nor everett had yet thought to call them. 

later that afternoon, everetts momma n daddy came for to visit. everett took them over to the observin window in the hallway outside the special nursery that marchal was in n the attendin nurse was ever sooo kind to move the incubatin machine over to the window so that they could git a good look at their new granson. 

by early evening, yung doc kiley camed to check on me n for to tells us that marchal seemed amazingly stable for being such a premie n that he thought that it would be all rite for me to hold him in my arms for a lil bit. so i got all suited up again in some sterile outfit n mask n the nurse ever so gentle like picked that tiny baby up and placed him in my arms. why . . . he was jist as lite as a feather . . . i had to be all carefull like with so many tubes n wires attached to him but at least i could hold my son. i was fixin to ask the nurse that everett needed to git in here too when up to that observin window comes a walkin everett with my momma n daddy. the nurse helped move the incubatin machine whilest i slowly walked that baby over to the window so that they all could get a look at their granson n when momma layed eyes on that tiny baby, her eyes got all huge n she turned white as a ghost n sure nuff she fainted dead away. fortunately daddy was standin rite behind her n he caught her so that she didnt crack her head on the floor (or crack the floor with her head. lol). that momma of mine . . . all ways makin a big scene to be the center of attention . . . 

those first few days was real tuff on everett n me, all that not knowin. but lil marchal seemed strong for such a lil guy, even tho he hadnt taken to eatin much yet. but at least everett n me could hold him close n lil by lil he kept improvin. yung doc kiley kept checkin on us all the time n encouragin us that marchal was doing better than most lil premies that he has worked with in the past. n all them nurses that took turns takin care of our lil man were the most specialist heaven-sent angels - it sure nuff takes a very special person to perform all the duties that they does a workin there in that hospital nursery. 

knowin that lil marchal was in such good hands only made it a lil bit easier when i was discharged from the hospital. everett n me stood outside the observin window for the longest time jest a watchin them nurses buzz a round makin sure that everthang was taken care of. our baby boy was spendin the majority of his time jest a growin in his sleep so we very reluctantly walked out to the car knowing that we had two other lil babys that needed us too. 

the next morning, everett n me decided to take eliza mae n jameson on up to the hospital for to meet their new lil brother. jameson was way too yung still to really understand what all was a going on n after spendin those three days with alvernie lou, all he wanted to do was to cling to his daddy. but eliza mae was a sharp lil thang n nothang much ever got past her attention. when she first seen me the day afore, she knew rite off that i no longer had a baby in my "tummy" so we explained as best a two year old would understand a bout her new baby brother got here early n had to stay in the hospital for a spell longer for to grow some bigger n it was eliza mae who immediately started insistin that we take her to her new lil brother. so we all piled into the car n on the road we was again . . . 

jameson slept the hole way there (that boy all ways did jest love sleepin restfull like while ridin in the car) n he slept in his daddys arms during the hole hospital visit. but when i picked up lil eliza mae so that she could see thru that there observation window outside the special nursery, her eyes jest lite up with curiousity. the charge nurse on duty wheeled marchals incubatin machine on over to the window n eliza mae reached her hand out n pressed her palm against the glass. the nurse gently picked up lil bitty marchal n craddled him in her arms near the window so thats we could all git a good look. n eliza mae sayed: baby name?
n everett n me jest starred at each other in disbelief n chuckled.
i telled eliza mae: your lil brothers name is marchal joseph.
her reply was: jo-jo.
n again everett n me jest starred in disbelief cuz thats what eliza mae all ways calls "flo jo" - thats the only way that she had yet learned how to pronounce that name.
n i sayed: oh wait until i tells "flo jo" this one. she'll git a real kick outta it. 

during all this conversation, here comes a walkin down the hallway everetts momma n daddy. they camed to check on marchal not knowin that we was a gonna be there n after a nice visit for a spell or so, everetts momma says to us: why dont y'all jest stay a while n we wills take these two lil ones along with us n you can jest pick them up on your way home.
"oh momma turley. thank you. but we didnt brang nothang for to stay that long."
"now you jest never mind bout all that. we'll manage jest fine."
n her words jest brought tears to my eyes. "oh momma turley . . . your kindness jest never ceases to amaze me . . . thank ya. we wont be all that long."
"y'all jest git yourselfs all suited up n git on in there n hold that new baby some."
so we did jest that . . . 

during the next week, lil jo-jo made steady progress but i is a tellin ya now, dealin with such a tentative situation as this with all the unknowin n uncertainty can really work on a persons last nerve. when hopes for a new baby are sooo high n then suddenly dashed sooo low, it all jest makes a body wonder where the strength to carry on comes from. but everett n me had each other to rely on n to help encourage the other forward n all we had was time n a waitin. but ooohhhhh the time dragged by sooo painfully slow . . . the seconds seemed like hours n the days each seemed like weeks . . . but all we could do was wait . . . n hope . . . n pray . . . that our lil jo-jo would come out of all this all rite . . . n he jest a kept a makin steady progress . . . 

after three weeks lil jo-jo was finally gettin strong a nuff to be able to nurse. oh that WAS a special day!!! it was like his SECOND birth day!!! after that he really started puttin on some weight n not sleepin all the time n actin more like a regular newborn baby. 

in all, he spent 8 weeks in the hospital. i surely dont know what we would have done with out alvernie lou n everetts momma helpin out with takin such good care of eliza mae n jameson whilest we spent time at the hospital with lil jo-jo. n kouter keepin up with all the farm chores. n "flo-jo" n "peachie" managin everthang so well at the diner. we sure a nuff has some good peoples to depend on. 

n during all that waitin time, everett n me had a chance to spend some real quality time together, especially on those long drives back n forth from the farm to the hospital. n we talked n planned together a bout our family of five. n we both agreed that three babies in three years was more than a nuff n that from now on we would go back to being real carefull with the timing of the deed jest like when we was teenagers. we even stopped at the 5 n dime store n bought us this lil calendar notebook for to keep track of the days "when to" n the days "when not to" jest to be on the safer side. 

when lil jo-jo finally was allowed to come on home, everett n me decided that we all needed to jest stay home a spell jest the five of us n be a family all together. well as much as we could anyways. cuz lil jo-jo had to still visit all the specialist doctors in bigg city a bout three times a week for the first three weeks. n then that graduated down to two times a week for two more weeks. n then they all declared him healthy as can be so we could jest go on into town n visit with ole doc sampson once a week for four weeks. but as much as we could, we strived for the five of us to spend time at home being a family. 

by this time lil jo-jo had growed to be a bout the normal size of a two month old n seemed to be developin in a natural course of events so him n me started in to takin regular trips on out to the diner. it had jest been way too long to be a way from all them good gals n they took to my new lil boy jest as if they had never ever seen a baby ever a fore in their hole lifes. of course, they had been a missin their lil eliza mae n jameson also so everett n me took up our previous course of action where he would keep one of the older yung-uns with him n i would take one with me n lil jo-jo so that all them diner gals could spend some time with all "their" babys. 

sooo . . . life was good n we all five settled into our regular routines n carried on as best as we could. jest like we had all ways done a fore . . .

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