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i has spent my whole lifes a cookin. i got a early start at it cuz i is the second oldest of nine - thats a big family to cook for. and growin up on a workin farm makes for everbuddy to has a mighty healthy appetite. after i married my man, everett, cookin was a bit easier on me since it was just the two of us and thats when my creativitee really started to kick into high gear. so much so that everett encouraged me to open myself up a diner. that was the funnest time ever to be had by any mortal soul. i kept at that diner thang even when the yung-uns begun to show up. now they is all growed n dear everett is long gone so i has learned in my old age how to cook on a smaller scale as a single wid-der woman. exceptin on wednesday nites - we all has a grate big church social pot luck supper afore bible study down there at the calvary community chapple n thats my chance to still cooks up a storm - it is jest sooo much fun.
my grate grandsun has been a buggin me for some time now to write down all these here recipes that i keeps in my head so that the family can remember me after i leave this earth. he has turned me onto this here blogg thang n now that i has got the hang of it all, i thinks it is a real awesome way to record down thangs.

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Tuesday, July 8, 1980

creamy peach frozen yogurt

this here NO fat treat

is sooo satisfyin when

ya got a hankerin for

some ice cream

2 cups frozen, unsweetened peach slices, partially thawed
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp sugar (more or less to taste dependin on the sweetness of the fruit)
6 ounces plain, non-fat yogurt (sometimes i uses that greek yogurt for extra creamyness)

in the food processor or blender, pulse/chop the peaches.
add remaining ingredients.
blend until creamy.

can be served immediately or stored in the freezer until serving time.

i puts mine in single serving sized plastic containers n ifn they gets frozed solid, then i jest nuke the container in the microwave for 10 seconds to softens up a lil bit.



  1. Hi Gramma!!! I've made something like this before using strawberries and the kids just absolutely love them in the summertime when i pour the blended mixture into popsicle containers and freeze them solid. Refreshing and nutritious!!!

    I've also made this recipe using fresh fuji apples (peeled and cored) and a little brown sugar instead of white. It's really good!!!

    Dinah S.

  2. howdy dinah!!! why lands sakes, i never did ever thinked a bout using apples a fore. WHAT A GRATE IDEA!!! i is gonna make those next weekend . . . thanks for the tip!!!