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i has spent my whole lifes a cookin. i got a early start at it cuz i is the second oldest of nine - thats a big family to cook for. and growin up on a workin farm makes for everbuddy to has a mighty healthy appetite. after i married my man, everett, cookin was a bit easier on me since it was just the two of us and thats when my creativitee really started to kick into high gear. so much so that everett encouraged me to open myself up a diner. that was the funnest time ever to be had by any mortal soul. i kept at that diner thang even when the yung-uns begun to show up. now they is all growed n dear everett is long gone so i has learned in my old age how to cook on a smaller scale as a single wid-der woman. exceptin on wednesday nites - we all has a grate big church social pot luck supper afore bible study down there at the calvary community chapple n thats my chance to still cooks up a storm - it is jest sooo much fun.
my grate grandsun has been a buggin me for some time now to write down all these here recipes that i keeps in my head so that the family can remember me after i leave this earth. he has turned me onto this here blogg thang n now that i has got the hang of it all, i thinks it is a real awesome way to record down thangs.

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Wednesday, June 12, 1991

11. livin life to the fullest PART 2 - 06/12/1950

(excerpt from "my dearest everett" by bettie mae turley)

a lil story bout how the diner done got started a way back in the day . . .

along about shortly after me n everett cellebrated our second weddin anniversary, my best friend alvernie lou n me took a lil day trip on over to wyattsville for to visit with our friend, minnie jane perkins, she was our friend from back in the skewl days. minnie jane had jest birthed her a second baby so she was a tellin us all about the hole beautiful experience. course alvernie lou all ready knew bout all that cuz she n her husband kouter done had three yung-uns of their own. n so them gals started in a teasin me bout havin a baby for everett n i jest a kept a tellin them like i tells everbuddy else that it would jest happen in its own time. but it sure nuff got me to thinkin that being a momma would be a real fun thang to do n it sure nuff would make everetts heart jest swell up with being overjoyed . . .

but i still had the feelin that there was some more thangs for me to be a doing a fore i takes in to raisin yung-uns. n when alvernie lou n me left minnie janes place for to go to shoppin over at the grand emporium, i done figgered out jest what that a somethang else was. whilst alvernie lou n me was a havin tea n krumpetts at the coffee shop, sittin there a giglin n a tellin stories n a laughin n a jokin round likes alvernie lou n me all ways does, in comes a walkin pearlie sue brubaker sashayin up n down the aisle sayin her howdys to everbuddy. when pearlie sue sees us a sittin at that there booth why she camed a flyin over there to tell us all the latest news (more like to find out all our news. she all ways did have the reputate of being a kinda nosey rumorous gossip). BUT amongst all her clamorin chatter she did mention one piece of information that sure nuff got my attention in a BIG way. course i never let on to no idea til after pearlie sue finally left us be.

alvernie lou n me went back to our tea n conversation when i says, kinda thinkin out loud like for to get her opinion on my new idea: sooo . . . ole giallo betranelli is finally retirin . . . hhhmmmmm . . . how long has him n his wife gertie june been a runnin that there truck stop cafe out there on highway 190 any ways???

"oh lands sake. why, it seems like they been there forever. long as i can remember."

"n they done made a nice life for themselfs runnin that there cafe . . . a rite nice life . . ."

"bettie mae, what ya got cookin there in your lil thinker?"

"well . . . i does got some cookin going on in my head . . . course i wanna talk this all over with everett . . . but i thinks that i mite jest becomed my own busyness woman . . ."

n alvernie lou jest started in a hootin n a hollerin all excited like n a tellin me what a grand idea that is . . .

so when i got back home n was a puttin supper together, i thought out a hole proposal plan for to open up myselfs a lil diner kinda place, like a breakfast n luncheon diner n bakery kinda place. n when everett camed in from workin, i jest kinda casual like mentioned to him that i had somethang for to talk over with him after supper when we does our porch sittin n watchin the sun settin (that had becomed our end-of-the-day relaxin time custom. most evenins everett would play on his guitar n sometimes his banjo n once in a while i would play on my grandaddys ole fiddle n we would sit out there on the porch n sing some of our favorite ole songs n sometimes we would make up our own songs for to make each other chuckle n other songs for to tell each other how grate it was lovin each other n how beautiful OUR life together was. i sure nuff do miss them times).

so whilst everett was cleanin himselfs up for to eat supper, he jest kinda casual like said: well bettie mae, fancy that. i got somethang for to talk over with you too darlin.

then all thru supper i told him about the day that alvernie lou n me spent together n he told me about his own goings on
for the day. n after i had all the kitchen ware n dishes washed n put up proper like, everett n me went on out for our porch sittin time.

after a nice lil quiet spell, everett pipes up a tellin me that he had stopped by
jeb pritchetts feed store in the late mornin for to pick up some extra fencin supplies n a bunch of the guys was there a playin checkers n a talkin n such n ole jeb mentioned somethang that made his ears perk rite up . . .

"but bettie mae, you go on n tell me your news first . . ."

"what was jeb a talkin bout?"

"oh, jest a lil maybe busyness opportunity."

"such as . . ."

"you remember
giallo n gertie june betranelli?"

"i knowed it!!! thats what that blabb . . . er . . . muhm, that
pearlie sue was a talkin bout too!!!"

"well i dont know none where jeb got his information from but when i heard that the
betranelli's was retirin, i thoughts to myselfs, selfs i says, that could be a purdy good opportunity for my lil gal bettie mae."

"ooohhhhh everett. does ya really thinks so???"

"well, darn tootin i does. lets jest thinks about this
for a minute. i declare, bettie mae, you is such a hard workin gal n ya has so much fun a doing for others n the cattle farmin here is a comin along jest fine n settlin into a easy routine n the church ladys committee is all organized n a doing such great thangs. so jest think about all them activities boiled up into one pot n what kinda recipe does ya comes up with?"

"oh my dear sweet everett, i thinks i would
jest plain love doing such a thang. i even comed up with a busyness plan proposal for how it all could work out. we could have us a rite nice breakfast n luncheon diner n bakery kinda place. i already knows that busyness from them two years that i worked for the betranelli's as a waitress back whilst you was in the navy. n oh my my my, we did have us some fun times. but i knows being the boss would be different. but i swear i could do it easy nuff. i could go on n talk it over with banker davis n work out some financial details about it all. most of the staff thats all ready a workin there would probably stay on. n i has been cookin up a storm all my hole life n i loves it. i jest plain loves it!!!"

"well my lil fire ball of energy, ya sure nuff dont have to do no convincin to me. i all ready knows how ya is such a hard workin gal.
but ya know there is no reason why ya HAS to do this thang. ya jest dont HAVE to be a workin sooo hard all the time. it really is okay for ya to be a taken it some easier on yerselfs. not that i is a doubtin yer abilities none. aint a body would question that. everbuddy knows what a high level of energy ya puts into everthang that ya does."

of course i knowed that everett would be all worried bout me a takin on too much n a sayin such as all this so i was a lil bit prepared. n i telled everett that i jest never felt any better bout a decision in my hole lifes n that everthang that we was a doing was such great fun n enjoyment. but it jest seemed like i should a be doing somethang more. n that i could easy do this here diner thang. n that i knowed it would be a lot of work n all but it would be fun work. n that i figgered it would be easier, at least for starters, to jest do the bakery n the diner for jest breakfast n lunch n such. that ways i'd still be here at home for to take care of thangs in the afternoons n to fix up supper in the evening n such. n that i didnt think that it would be all too much at all.

n as all ways, everett jest chuckles n says: ya can do whatever n anythang that will keep ya this full of joy . . .

so another long story short (i get into more detail in a separate story named: the diner days): giallo n gertie june jest plain loved the idea of me being the one to take over possession of their lil cafe. the financin was put in place. florence jo mckenzie (everbuddy all ways jest called her "flo jo") was the betranelli's head waitress n on-site comedian n she n me had worked together back in the day when i was a waitress there whilst everett had been in the navy n "flo jo" was sooo joyed that we would be a workin together again n now she becamed jest indispensable in helpin me git everthang situated - that gal could jest do anythang n everthang. all the staff stayed on. well, exceptin esther ruth but she'd a been waitressin there forever it seemed n she decided it was long past time for her to hang up her apron - shoot, she was near on 77 years old n finally ready to kick off her workin shoes. everett was the one who comed up with the name for our new diner: the kountree kitchen. n like everthang else, everett was all ways rite there being a true god-given handy man - weren't nothin that man couldnt figger out how to fix up rite.

when the financin for the diner got all situated n all the paperwork proper signed n documented, i had a hole week a fore i took over the ownership of the diner so i spent that week workin with giallo n gertie june a learnin all a bout the busyness end of their busyness. friday was their last day n a bitter sweet day it was. at the end of the day, after all the customers had lefted n giallo locked up the front door for the last time, "flo jo" n me made them a special supper n let them sit a spell n be waited on like they had been a doing for all them many years. after "flo jo" n me had everthang cleaned n put up, we said our tearfull good-byes to the betranelli's n i asked them to please promise to stop by anytime n to keep in touch n thanked them for all their help in everthang they had teached me. then "flo jo" n me stood out in the parkin lot for a while makin excited plans for the next days busyness, the first day for the kountree kitchen diner.

i could barely sleep that nite so i jest finally gived in n got up n put my workin clothes on. everett was already awake too n got up with me so we could have our regular early mornin coffee chat n he was jest as excited as me.

whilest we was a milkin our two cows, everett telled me that he had a busy day planned for himselfs doing his carpentry work n all but he could come on over to the diner also ifn there was anythang that i needed doing
n i says that i appreciate all his good help but that everthang should go smoothly jest like a nother day n that "flo jo" n me was gonna stay a spell after we closed at 2:30 in the afternoon n we was gonna make a workin plan for the next week but that i'd be home for to make supper.

with the milkin done n the breakfast dishes n such put up, i got myselfs cleaned up n changed into my diner uniform n as i was a leavin, everett wrapped his big strong arms around me tight n held me for a extra lingerin embrace
n he telled me that he was jest sooo proud of all i was a doing. then he gived me a kiss n a wink n sayed: i'll be seein ya later my lil gal.

the breakfast rush was in full swing being it was saturday n all n around 7 i was real surprised when in walks everett. he sits himselfs down at the counter n i hollers out to him from the kitchen: hey there mister husband. what brangs you round?

"jest thought i'd stop by n see how all your thangs are a going. i is jest gonna sit a spell, have a cup of coffee n read the newspaper."

n at that very moment, in walks two of everetts brothers so them n everett takes a table over by the window n got all deep into some kinda discussion. n then my daddy walks in with my four brothers so i telled them all howdy n to take a seat n somebuddy would be rite by for to take their order. but they moseyed on over to everett n his brothers n they all took to talkin bout somethang. they all ate in a hurry n got up to leave together n everett says: we all got plans for to be takin care of somethang rite now but i will be seein ya in a lil bit darlin.

i was all caught up in the busyness of the kitchen n hadnt noticed all them menfolk hangin round out in the parkin lot til the hammerin commenced. i rushed out the front door to see what all the racket was a bout n they all hollered in unison: surprise!!!

here everett n all them was busy buildin a sign for to put up on the diner. they all had spent the hole week plannin a surprise renovation party. n i WAS jest SOOO surprised!!!
i hugged daddys neck n he sayed: anythang for my lil baby gal.
n all my brothers n everetts brothers started in to crowdin round me n sayin all their congratulations n best wishes n i thoughts my heart was jest a gonna burst.
n then everett: ooooohhh my dearest sweetest everett. you is jest all ways full of surprises aint ya?

"bettie mae. we ALL is sooo proud of all that you is a doing. this here is jest a lil somethang to help ya git started rite off."

after the breakfast customers cleared on out, them menfolk reframed all the windows n replaced all the window glass n painted the hole outside of the diner n changed the street sign n everett had spent the week makin some sandstone concrete containers for to plant some flowers in - he put in my most favorite daisy flowers. then everetts momma n daddy showed up along with my momma n the two mommas made these beautiful canopy awning shades for the windows.

when the lunch crowd finished up n we closed our first day of busyness for the diner at 2:30, i walked out the front door n beheld a site that completely took my breathe away . . .

so "flo jo" n me made all them hard workin men n mommas some appreciation lunch so that they could take a break for a spell. n then they all commenced to haulin all the furniture out of the diner n paintin the hole interior n everett had also spent the week makin all new tables n chairs n the mommas reupholstered the counter stools n they all was jest as busy as could be.

later that afternoon, i found out that the surprises weren't yet over. drivin into the parking lot was giallo n gertie june n they hauled in all these trays of food for to feed everone supper. here they had been in on the plans all a long. they wanted to do somethang to participate in the cellebration so they did what all betranelli's does best n they cooked up all that food.

when everbuddy was done with their eatin of supper, i telled them all that this was the most overwhelmin surprise n how much i appreciate all that they done n that they had done turned this here diner into a palace place n that it is somethang that they could all take pride in for all the beautiful results of their hard work.
n they all jest a kept a sayin that it was everett who done thought out the hole plan n that they was glad to share in the fun surprise.
my dearest sweetest everett . . .

so everett n me settled into our busyer routines n still had us a hole lotta fun. not that we didnt encounter a hiccup or two ever now n then but like everett always sayed: without them tuff times comin along ever now n again, a body jest dont fully appreciates the good times.

so everett n me jest kept a movin forward n enjoyin it all cuz we had each other. we was livin OUR life to the fullest.

the next segment is a bout when our first baby was borned:

ifn ya wants to read the whole "everett" story then click this link:


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  1. shea wrote:

    i just love reading the things you post!!!!!!
    Monday at 6:15pm

  2. scotty wrote:

    thanks shea!!! glad ya like it!!! it's difficult for me to believe that it was two years ago all ready when i was writin this story. well, actually, it's still difficult for me to believe that i put all them there words together to create this story. lol.
    Tuesday at 5:53pm

  3. shea wrote:

    it's so awesome! takes me back to my younger days with my family. no one i associate with has those certain memories . . . and they are just that, certain, special memories. thank you so much!! keep writing!!!!!
    Tuesday at 8:17pm